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Our Mission & Values


Improve the quality of historical and military professional literature and other information available to the public.



Historical Accuracy and Objectivity; Fairness and Even-Handedness We do not pander to popular culture or opinion for the sake of making money. We do not produce propaganda, “comic books,” or politically-correct pap . . . no matter which way the political winds blow.

— Fair dealing with Customers/Clients We always give the best possible value to our clients.

— Honesty .



— Find new and more meaningful ways to achieve accuracy, discover historical details, and verify our sources. Primary sources are our friends!

— Seek bold and promising new means and media by which to convey history to the public.

— Synthesize all available historical resources and interests to create new avenues for public awareness of and interest in military history.



— For the accomplishments of military—especially combat—veterans.

— For the legitimate desires of our customers, who always receive our most rapid, most sincere attention.

— For our authors and veterans, who are the stars of the show!



— Do the job right, the first time . . .

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