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“Quite remarkable ...Superbly researched and well written... What emerges is a clear sense of just how important the individual American soldier was in winning the war in Europe and just how effectively he generally performed in combat.”
—Military Heritage Magazine, October 2000

“Excellent editing and a broad purpose make this book a model for memoirs.”
—John McManus, author of The Deadly Brotherhood: The American Combat Soldier in WWII, in the January 2000 Journal of Military History.

  The Final Crisis
Combat in Northern Alsace, January 1945
by Richard Engler
  • 25 original maps.
  • 20 original, wartime pen-and-ink combat art drawings by Colonel (then-Lieutenant) Theodore MacKechnie, US Army (Retired)
  • Dozens of German and American unit insignia
  • 362 pages; extensive chapter end notes; index
  • Soft Cover, 8.5" x 11" format
  • ISBN 10: 0-9666389-1-3
  • ISBN 13: 978-0-9666389-1-2
$29.95 Retail
+ shipping (see How to Order)

Members of the 42nd Infantry Division Association and their family members

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