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Units of Interest
Slaughterhouse contains literally too many units to list here. Thumbnail histories such as the following are included for 881 Soviet Directions, Fronts, Armies, Corps, and Divisions, as well as 487 German and German allies' Army Groups, Armies, Corps, and Divisions. Typical samples are listed below.

Red Army 87th Rifle Division/13th Guards Rifle Division (Poltava)

Nov 41 Formed in the Kursk region as the 87th Rifle Div on the base of units of the 3rd Airborne Corps. Served in sequence in the 40th, 38th, 28th, and 62nd Armies; after July 43, in the 5th Guards Army
1942.43 Participated in defensive operations in the Voronezh, Khakhov, Valuisk, and Rossosh Directions, on the Don River line, and in the Battle of Stalingrad. Tok part in the Battle of Kursk and liberation of the Left Bank Ukraine
Jan 43 Honored and renamed 13th Guards Rifle Division
Sep 43 Awarded the "Poltava" place-name honorific. Two sister divisions were also awarded "Poltava" as an honorific 95th Guards and 97th Guards RDs (see below) for similar combat performance in the 5th Guards Army
1943 Kirovograd, Uman-Botoshany, Lvov-Sandomir offensives Upper and Lower Silesia, and Prague operations.


Gen. Major A.I. Rodimtsev, 1941-43
Gen. Major G.V. Baklanov, 1943-44
Col. V.N. Komarov, 1944-45

German 205th Infantry Division

August 1939 Formed from 14th Landwehr Division in Freiburg
November 1939 Border security operations, offensive operations in France, occupation of France, return to Freiburg, training in Germany, return to occupation and coastal defense operations in France
January 1942 Transferred to Vitebsk, USSR
February 1942 Defensive operations vic. Velish, Velikie Luki, Demidov
July 1942 Offensive and anti-partisan operations vic. Western Dvina River, Surazh
January 1943 Movement, rehabilitation, relief of encircled forces vic. Nevel, Velikie Luki
January 1943 Defensive operations vic. Novosokolniki
April 1943 Defensive operations vic. Velikie Luki, Novosokolniki
April 1943 One regiment disbanded
December 1943 Defensive and offensive operations vic. Novosokolniki
February 1944 Withdrawal, defensive operations vic. Polotsk
July 1944 Withdrawal, defensive operations in Lithuania vic. Zarasel and Latvia vic. Jaunjelgava, Plavinas
October 1944 Defensive operations vic. Riga, Tukums
November 1944- Retrograde operations to Latvian coast; defensive operations vic. Kurland;
May 1945 Capitulated to Soviet forces

Italian 3rd "Duca D'Aosta" Celere (Cavalry) Division

Home Station: Verona
July 1941Campolung, Romania
August 1941Offensive operations between the Dniestr and Bug Rivers vic. Oligopol
September 1941Offensive operations along west bank of the Dniepr River vic. Dneprodsershinsk
November 1941Advanced across the Mius River to Rykovo
December 1941Offensive and defensive operations southeast of Rykovo vic. Krestovka
January-February 1942Defenisve operations east of Dnepropetrovsk
March 1942Defensive operations vic. Konstantinovka
July 1942Offensive operations toward Ivanovka and Krasnyj Luch
August 1942Offensive operations wouth of Don River vic. Jagodni
November-December 1942Italian Eighth Army reserve vic. Nikoskoye
January-February 1943Defensive operations along Don River; destroyed
Commander: Division General Marazzani
The Handbook of the Eastern Front

by David Glantz, et. al.
  • 88 photos
  • 520 pages; 9 maps
  • Extensive, 16-page bibliography.
  • Soft Cover, 6" x 9" format
  • ISBN 10: 0-97176509-X
  • ISBN 13: 978-0-9717650-9-2

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