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From Chapter 18, The Battle at the Top of the Wilderness

       "...I borrowed Sergeant Parenteau's Turner stove and set it up on the flat surface of the highway. I tore open the K ration packet of Nescafé and soon had a canteen cup of coffee percolating in a normal civilized way. Just then a quartet of urgent whistles sounded and a thick concentration of German artillery shells blasted our position.

       I was positive the first two rounds had my ASN (Army Serial Number) on them, but all I got was a shower of dirt in the ditch where I had taken refuge and a few splintered twigs and branches raining down on my helmet. Peeking cautiously out of the ditch, I saw the Nescafé still percolating on the deserted road surface where the shells had miraculously failed to riddle it. If, for some, discretion was the better part of valor, for me it was hunger that played discretion's normal role. Crawling up out of the ditch onto the road, I grabbed the Nescafé off the stove and scuttled crab-like back into the depression just as several more shells whistled in. I drank sitting up in the ditch during lulls in the shelling, and when Annie's whistles began again, I simply continued drinking in a prone position. While drinking Nescafé and listening to the song of shrapnel and the rain of boughs and branches around me, I felt something grate against my heels in the ditch. I had a pretty good idea that the grating sound was being made by the Sergeant's Bull's helmet. I thought I knew what he was agitating about, but pretended not to notice him in the ditch behind me.

        "Er, hey Red!"
        "Er, how about a taste of that stuff?..."

  Into the Mountains Dark
A WWII Odessey from Harvard Crimson to Infantry Blue
by Franklin L. Gurley
  • Seven highly detailed, original maps and diagrams
  • 40 photos and illustrations
  • 255 pages; notes
  • Soft Cover, 6" x 9" format
  • ISBN 10: 0-9666389-4-8
  • ISBN 13: 978-0-9666389-4-3
$19.95 Retail
+ shipping (see How to Order)

Members of the 100th Infantry Division Association and their family members

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